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Kang is a force of nature. Born with a passion for music, he began focusing on the art in middle school, as a member of the Rock Band program at Roberto Clemente MS. Playing rock & roll and learning about American popular culture through a musical lens gave Kang a major interest in the rock and pop genres. Years later, he fell in love with hip-hop and has been hooked ever since. Kang's greatest superpower is his versatility. One day, he'll drop a slow, enticing song about the pitfalls of love and humanity, and then the next day he'll release a fast-paced, high-energy hip-hop track that'll keep crowds jumping for months. This extensive range is ever present within his catalog, with hip-hop heavy production heard in “Survivor”, the R&B-flavored sensuality of “Honey in the Clouds”, and the eye-watering, soulful ballad that is “Focus”—all providing memorable moments with people eager for what is to come. In the fall of 2022, GenDirect, an Instagram page notable for its work in promoting underappreciated artists, provided an exciting moment for Kang’s career; transcending his reach to new heights by covering the song “Honey in the Clouds” on their page. This promotion eventually went viral, with hundreds of thousands of people tuning in in awe, bringing him thousands of new fans and noteworthy 920K+ streams on “Honey in the Clouds” alone to date. Fans also got to see an uprising of Kang's developing afro sound with his social media promotion of "Day5" going viral and the likes of Timbaland, Kevin Gates, and YungManny recognizing his rising starpower. With the heart of a lion, Kang has also never been shy to collaborate with and extend his hand to other artists, which includes an independent record label that he collaborates with called “Terrapin Record Label”. Working alongside other musicians, producers, and creatives in the DMV music scene, Kang was the executive producer of the “TRL Tape Vol. I”, the first-ever EP released by the label. Kang also received the opportunity to be a part of the first edition of "No Label Academy", a comprehensive 10-day music business course led by fellow DMV artist, IDK. Kang is a once-in-a-lifetime personality, so stay tuned. Or you might just miss him.






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